I wonder how many times a day, we criticize ourselves. Ranting about one’s failure and shortcomings has become very common these days. Unfortunately, this behavior among human creatures is increasing much faster than global warming. People often complain about their poor language skills. Surprisingly, they have number of reasons to justify it like poor grammar, vocabulary. Question is does that really count?

What goes wrong:

This behavior has plagued our productivity and performances since ages. It is not mere a statement. In fact it is a gesture which shows how much we belittle ourselves in daily life. This belittlement leads to social crisis to which individuals expose themselves unconsciously. As consequence, several inferiority and lack of confidence is developed which effects our ability to expose to upcoming opportunities. Due to lack of confidence, a person can barely gather strength to grab new opportunities.

I am writing this article for all those incredible people who are very smart and intelligent but they refrain to speak up. They are afraid of situations where they may messed up things and end up becoming a joke.

The reality is actually different from what such people portray in their mind. In reality, they are appreciated for their honesty. Others like to listen from them and most of the time they get supported to express themselves.

When I went to Germany to participate in BIOFACH this year. I realized this very fact that it does not matter how proficient you are in speaking foreign nation’s language. What matters is the content and your wisdom. It is actually very contradictory, since language has always been a medium to express yourself. The words for expression comes out of the wisdom we carry, isn’t it? So, how language becomes more important than the knowledge you possess?

Believe me, this is tried and tested practice. The problem starts when people try to fake and become what they are not. When your business partner understands, you are not worth of what you pretend to be. The relationship invested so much to build will come in grave danger.

Honesty is key to good relationship & business, carry it with pride. Never hesitate to speak your mind, have faith in  yourself and keep the business follow ups tight.

Trust me, you will succeed.


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