Who am I? Why this Blog?

I am working in medicinal plants sector of Nepal since 2013. In this short span of time, I had privilege to work in value chain under guidance of various prominent stakeholders. My work in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) sector of Nepal began with acquaintance. Since then, my captivation has lead me ahead.

The value chain actor of MAPs sector come from various socio-economic background of Nepal. Therefore, successful mapping of this sector will ensure their well being and income as well. The paradigm to achieve this is very difficult. It needs us to be aware of the rationales in first place.

For me, getting introduced with any field or sector is not enough. Over the time gained experience and exposure, makes us even more responsible for the society and future generation. Through this blog I am trying to share my knowledge, observations, studies and experience with all the readers.

I hope this blog will help people to understand about MAPs sector of Nepal. Feel free to give your valuable suggestions, it is always appreciated.

Keep checking and happy reading!!


Aruna Shukla